Synstone Applications

- Cladding
- Interior Finish
- CFI Thermal Protection
- Soffit
- Skirting Panels
- Window Infills
- Balcony Panels
- Spandrel Panels
- Retrofit & Reclad

Applications: Thermal Protection - Concrete Faced Insulation

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Concrete Faced Insulated (CFI) perimeter panels are used to provide a finish and insulation all in one easy step, reducing installation costs. CFI panels can be installed in all weather conditions, allowing for year-round construction and can be utilized in retrofit or new construction. The primary benefit of CFI panels is to protect perimeters from freeze-thaw cycling, extending lifecycle of masonry structures and foundation walls.

Additional Benefits of Synstone CFI Panels

  • Can be applied above or below grade
  • Can be used for insulating low rise walls
  • Available in 18 standard colours and many surface finishes
  • Minimizes freeze/thaw and the effect of UV rays
  • Reusable
  • Made in Canada

Technical Services

Synstone International provides a complete technical consultation service for design assistance, renovation suggestions, engineering data, shop drawings, and specifications.

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Synstone Applications

Exterior Cladding
Interior Finish
CFI Thermal Protection
Soffit Panels
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Window Infill Panels
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Spandrel Panels
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