Company Overview

What is Synstone?

Synstone fibre concrete cladding panels have the general appearance of precast panels, but are different in several significant ways...

The Synstone Team

The Synstone team embodies all facets of industrial, construction, and architectural industries - guided by members with over 25 years of industry experience...

Company Objectives

Innovation, performance, authenticity and individuality lay the foundation for our business goals and initiatives...

History of Synstone

In 1975, researcher and chemist, the late George Halliday introduced a modified version of glass fibre reinforced concrete...

General Description

Synstone fibre reinforced composite materials produce the strongest concrete panels available anywhere in the world...

Architectural Cladding

Versatile Synstone concrete panels can accommodate up to nine different methods of wall system constructinon...

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What is Synstone?
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