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Thermo-ShieldNC® CFI

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Thermo-ShieldNC® Concrete Faced Insulation Since 1983

Synstone Thermo-ShieldNC (CFI) panels, assembled under factory controlled environmental conditions, are fully bonded to Roxul Drainboard with a variety of attractive textures and colours to protect and decorate building exteriors.

The Product

Thermo-ShieldNC® is a concrete faced insulated perimeter wall panel (CFI) that is manufactured in collaboration with Roxul® using Roxul Drainboard wool insulation. The concrete face is a factory-applied 1/2" Synstone panel designed for use on perimeter foundations and wall cladding applications. Thermo-ShieldNC® CFI panels have excellent moisture and air barrier properties making it a perfect fit for decorative and effective skirting or cladding.

Top Thermal Performance

Insulating the outside foundation helps keep the foundation walls warm in the winter, reducing the chance of condensation. Thermo-ShieldNC® with Roxul DrainBoard is vapour permeable and displays hydrophobic characteristics, which allows the foundation walls to breathe or dry out faster than polystyrene insulation.

DrainBoard is specifically designed to deliver consistently higher R-values across the board, making it an excellent choice for lasting thermal protection in foundation wall systems.

Sustainable & Safe

Synstone® and DrainBoard are both classified as non-combustible and do not contain flame retardants. In addition, Roxul DrainBoard is natural and inorganic as well as completely HFC-free.

DrainBoard has a very low global warming potential of 0.0455 ft2·R as estimated by Green Building Product News, when compared to other foam insulations which also lessens the impact of the building on the environment. For designers of zero net energy (ZNE) buildings, DrainBoard is an often specified insulation. DrainBoard contains a minimum 75% recycled content as certified by ICC-ES™.


  • Highly effective insulation and durable surface all in one
  • Provides a finish and insulation in one step, reducing installation costs
  • Can be installed in most weather conditions
  • Extends the life cycle of masonry structures by minimizing freeze-thaw affects
  • Proven durability and outstanding moisture-resistant qualities
  • Can be used above and below grade
  • Excellent moisture/air barrier properties
  • R=24 thermal value
  • Non-Combustible
  • Made in Canada

Possible Applications

  • Skirting Panels
  • Wall Cladding


    Max size
    1524 x 3048 (5' x 10')

    *Panel can be custom made upon request

Please contact your local sales representative to get a firsthand look and feel of Synstone fibre reinforced cementitious products.

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